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更多内容请百度搜索:可小果今天 联邦大陪审团在底特律A Federal Grand Jury in Detroit today指控"地下气象站组织"的十三名领导人charged the thirteen top leaders of 'the Weathermen'密谋轰炸with plotting to bomb底特律 芝加哥 纽约和加州伯克利的public buildings in Chicago, Detroit, New York,公共建筑and Berkeley, California."地下气象员组织"'The Weathermen' are the由美国大学生民主会中的好战分子组成militant faction of the Students for a Democratic Society,目前十三人中仅有一人被拘only one of the thirteen is now in custody.美国的战争史上 还从未有过一场战争Never before has this nation fought a war which引起这么多民众反对so many Americans opposed反对的原因如此多样for so many different reasons.也从未有过像反对越战这样Never has this dissent been as emotional, as intense,如此激动 如此强烈的反战情绪as is the dissent against the war in Vietnam.炸弹在国务院爆炸 造成了巨大的损失The bomb went off in the State Department and did a lot of damage.另一枚炸弹在奥克兰被引爆[加州西部城市]Another was detonated in Oakland.密歇根州银行抢劫中Three suspects remain at large银行抢劫一名保安中枪身亡after a security guard was shot and killed三名嫌犯仍然在逃during a robbery at the Bank of Michigan.FBI已公布其名单The FBI has released the names米米·卢瑞 尼古拉斯·斯隆和莎伦·索拉兹Mimi Lurie, Nicholas Sloan, and Sharon Solarz;均为激进反战团体all members of the radical anti-war group,"地下气象员组织"成员'The Weather Underground'.你 的 同 伴来吧伙计们 走了Come on you guys, let's go.-妈妈再见 -别忘了我放学要练习- Bye Mom. - Don't forget I have practice after school.你还练什么 都进了大学了What are you still practicing for? You already got into college.进入纽约州自助加油-找你的钱 -谢谢 先生- Here you go. - Thank you, sir!-25.74美元 需要加热吗 -不用 谢谢- That's $25.74, do you want that warmed up? - No, Thanks.-别动 举起手来 -别动 联邦探员- Don't move! Hands in the air! - Don't move, Federal agents!趴在车上 手背到身后Get on the car! Hands behind your back!莎伦·索拉兹Sharon Solarz,你因谋杀休·克罗斯纳被捕you are under arrest for the murder of Hugh Kroessna,你有权保持沉默You have the right to remain silent,你所说的每一句话if you give up that right, anything you say都将作为呈堂证供can and will be used against you in a court of law.你有权请一个律师You have the right to an attorney,如果你付不起律师费if you cannot afford one,我们会免费给你指派一名律师one will be provided for you.清楚了吗Do you understand these rights?莎伦·伊丽莎白·索拉兹Sharon Elizabeth Solarz,重大新闻 莎伦·索拉兹被捕FBI头号通缉名单中one of the longest-standing fugitives逃亡时间最长的逃犯之一on the FBI's most wanted list昨日被捕于纽约州希瑟顿外was arrested yesterday, just outside Heatherton, New York.臭名昭著的密歇根银行抢劫案已过去三十年30 years after the notorious Bank of Michigan robbery-一名保安死于该案 -早上好 杰斯- that claimed the life of a guard. - Good morning, Jess.奥尔巴尼太阳时报你迟到了You're late.我没在他们就不能开除了我 对吧Well, if I'm not here they can't fire me, right?-你今天很漂亮 -谢谢- You look beautiful! - Thanks.看这个Oh... look at that.全国新闻 就在我们后院 我们哪去了National story, right in our own backyard, and where were we?等等 犯罪归尤卡诺维茨负责Hold on. Crime was Yukanowitz's,奥尔巴尼太阳时报-你把他炒了 -是的 我交给你负责了- you fired him. - Yeah, and I passed it on to you.你交给我的还有法院和州议会的新闻Along with the courts and the State House还有55个别的东西and like 55 other things, I mean...这才是新闻 本This... is news, Ben.这才是This!我们他妈是报社 记得吗We're a goddamn newspaper! Remember?所以你还是出去好好写篇报道 So why don't you go out and write a nice little story趁还有几个读者 发挥一下报纸的作用that informs our readers, while we still have a few?我道歉 好吗I'm sorry, okay?那么严重吗It's that bad, huh?你那个朋友还在FBI外勤办事处吗Do you still have your friend in the FBI field office?理论上是In theory,不过我想她不会再理我了although I'm not sure she ever wants to speak to me again.-你总说自己是个好记者 对吧 -对- Y' keep telling me you're a good reporter, right? - Right.证明给我看Prove it.这些是主要激进分子 本 能躲会藏These were major radicals, Ben, who know how to hide.三十年了 FBI是怎么发现她的呢So how does the FBI find her after 30 years? Hmm?要我说 政府想So, let me s... the State wants在私有财产转让的时候干预 对吧to sieze private property in transfer, right?对 我知道土地征用权Y... Yes, I know what 'imminent domain' is.要是逼不得已的话我会的I will if I have to.上诉法院是有存在意义的Court of Appeals exist for a reason.-伊兹 -什么- Izzy! - Yeah.你最好准备出发了You'd better be getting ready.你说那就符合公共使用的要求了吗And you're saying that satisfies public use?真的吗Really?伊兹 准备好了吗Izzy! You ready?好了Yeah.快点 要迟到了Come on, we're gonna be late.-不会迟到的 -打赌吗- We're not gonna be late. - You wanna bet?我客户从他父亲手里买来的My client bought it from his dad,他父亲又是从他爷爷那买来的who bought it from his dad,希望有一天能卖给自己的儿子and hopes one day to sell it to his son.这家族很棒 陪审团见了一定很开心It's a great family, I'm sure the jury would enjoy meeting them.好了Okay.刚好准时Right on time!-都好了吗 -好了- All set? - Yup.午饭带了吗You got your lunch?没有No...最后一节是什么课 数学吗So, what's last, math?不是 我还有排球练习No, I've got volleyball practice...-好吧 练习结束我去接你 -好的- Oh, okay. I'll pick you up after practice. - Okay.这么急 没落了什么东西吗Hey, what's your hurry? Haven't you forgotten something?比利Billy.-你好 库司马诺先生 -你好 宝贝- Hi, Mr. Cusimano. - Hi, sweetie!你的孩子都毕业了吧Are your kids a little old for this school?我是来找你的 新闻看了吗I came to see you... you seen the news?-他们还报新闻呢 -莎伦·索拉兹- Oh, they're still reporting the news! - Sharon Solarz走吧 去吧Go ahead, go ahead.-你知道她是谁吧 -什么- You know who she is, right? - What?她被捕了 哥们 在希瑟顿被捕She was busted, man. She was arrested over in Heatherton.-为什么跟我说这个 -因为你俩是老朋友了- Why are you telling me this? - 'Cause Sharon's an old friend.你有麻烦了吗 比利Are you in trouble, Billy, y' know,-还是你还在假释 -我可老实了 哥们- or are you still on parole? - I'm clean, man.那是怎么回事What's going on?她给我打电话 说想向联邦政府自首She called me, wanting to turn herself in to the Feds.他们这些混蛋 才不管这个They're assholes, they don't care!但你不能搀和到这么...But you can't get involved in someth...她是你的朋友 她需要一名律师She's a friend, she needs a lawyer.我没办法建议...Well, I can't give advice...他们完全知道她要去哪 吉姆 好吗They knew exactly where she was gonna be, Jim, alright?是的 他们知道Exactly. They knew.-他们全知道 -我不接这种案子- They knew exactly. - Well, this is outa my league.我无能为力Out of my league.-我不能让她孤立无援 -我做不到- I can't let her twist in the wind. - I can't do it.我的孩子刚失去妈妈I have a kid that just lost her mom.都一年了It's been a year...对不起Sorry.给玛吉·哈特打电话吧Call Maggie Hart,或者洛克伍德 邓洛普 菲利Lockwood and Dunlop, Philly.好吗 她很棒 比我强Okay? She's great. Better'n me.抱歉Sorry.请放在这里Please set it here.走吧Go ahead.你今天早上搬来的吗So... you moved here this morning?你问这个干嘛Why do you care?我以为你只报道政治新闻呢更多内容请百度搜索:可小果

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